About Us

On one December evening 2013, AAJ TAK came up with a show related to Narendra Modi, Modi Kurta and his popularity. Watching the show, a weird idea came to my mind that being a Modi Fan, why don't I should start selling Modi Kurtas online.

We were having long discussions among all of our friends and well wishers regarding the name of this store. While we were pondering and pondering over, our office boy named Rakesh entered our cabin to offer tea and told us that one of my relative at Patna in Bihar is selling NAMO tea. There is hysteria around this tea and his relative is earning well. So he wants to leave the current job to start Modi or the Namo tea in the backyard of our office. At once one of my friend exclaimed, see the modimania that has engulfed the entire youth and people of India. And that is how we came to this name and thus this online store www.modimania.com was being born.