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there is an e-commerce site devoted to getting the Modi look ( — begun because, the mission statement says, Mr. Modi “has become a brand not only in India but across the world.”

It all speaks to Mr. Modi’s success in associating his personal style with his political platform, to the benefit of both. Objectively speaking, the Modi Kurta itself does not exactly represent an extraordinary aesthetic advance; rather it symbolizes a set of values. And therein lies its allure.....To read further please click on featured in the Times Magazine

The Modi Kurta isn’t being sold with a political manifesto, although the website Modimania, which markets the attire, says it hopes to sell the outfit to “Modi lovers and his followers” — which, going by poll results, is about 31% of the country’s more than 800 million eligible voters, or a pretty sizable market.

Depending on the color you choose (it comes in saffron, white, pink, yellow, black and four shades of blue), the kurta is going for either 899 or 1,200 rupees, or less than $20 under current exchange read the full article please clik on